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Music Books & Sheet Music Downloads

Music Books and Sheet-music Downloads
Order Online 12 Easy Pieces for Traditional Harp

12 Easy Pieces for Traditional Harp, as a .zip file. Includes pieces from the Trinity College Syllabus.

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Order Online 12 Medieval Harp pieces - pdf download

12 pieces for Medieval Harp arranged by Sarah Deere-Jones LRAM - pdf Download as a book

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Order Online 15 Regency Pieces for Lever Harp

Dance tunes Quadrilles, Waltzes etc Selected form James Paine of Almacks club in London

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Order Online Meltwater Sheet Music PDF

Sheet music of Meltwater by Sarah Deere-Jones as played on the YouTube clip

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Order Online Traditional music of Cornwall for Harp - pdf download

Collection of 12 traditional cornish tunes arranged for harp

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Order Online 12 Tudor pieces for Lever Pedal or Historic Harp - pdf download

12 Pieces for historic or lever harp arranged by Sarah Deere-Jones LRAM in pdf book form

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Order Online 21 Easy pieces for small lap harp pdf download

21 Easy piece arranged by Sarah for Small lap harps, and of course larger lever harps.

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Order Online Maiden Voyage pdf download

PDF Download version for reading on a PC or Kindle(TM) reader.

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Order Online 23 Pieces for Starters - pdf download

Composed by Sarah, these grown-up and attractive tunes introduce techniques for raw beginners as you progress.

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Order Online Ensemble music for Celtic or Pedal harp Vol 2 pdf download

A collection of intermediate pieces for harp ensemble or combination of instruments.

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Order Online By a Woodland Stream - pdf download

Classical piece for Lever Harp, in style of Marcel Tournier, see sarah playing it here

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Order Online Fantasie for Celtic Harp - Sheet Music pdf download

Sheet Music for Fantasie for Celtic Harp pdf as featured on YouTube.

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Order Online On Selworthy Beacon - pdf download.

On Selworthy Beacon: Solo for Celtic Harp. Atmospheric piece about ABRSM Grade 6 level.

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Order Online Cascaron Sheet Music pdf download

Inspired by finding an antique Ecuadorian Harp in a junk shop in Quito, this piece has a strong South American feel!

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Order Online Loch Coruisk Rhapsody -pdf download

For Celtic Harp, it is a reflection of Loch Coruisk in Skye, a wonderfully remote and beautiful place in the shadow of The Cuillins.

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